Ray Marks 29 Years at Put in Bay

September 30, 1988, Ray Fogg got a call from a woman he had never met named Teri Winchester asking if he could play the Round House Bar at Put-in-Bay, Ohio that night!  John Saloman, who was booked to play that night, had a case of laryngitis.  Teri called Bob Gatewood, who was already booked elsewhere.  Bob recommended his friend Ray Fogg.

Ray accepted.  He was in Cleveland when he got the call.  Loaded up his van and started driving.  About half way there, he realized he would never make it to the ferry dock on time for the last boat.  So, Teri arranged to have Ray picked up by private boat to transport his gear to a downtown Put-in-Bay dock where a van met him to transport the gear to the Round House.  And, so after all of that, Ray Fogg started playing about an hour later than planned.

That night, Teri (the long-time manager of the Round House and now a life-long friend of Ray’s) started Ray’s 29 year love affair with Put-in-Bay. Since that time, he has performed thousands of shows and recorded 6 CDs of music inspired by the island.  One song titled Lemonade (from Ray’s Island Life CD), is even about Teri’s life on the island, with a line about this story:

“She came into my life and gave me Put-in-Bay

And I thank God that her put her in this place

So she can be my friend today

And I can hear her say, Ray,

Life gives you lemons, so make lemonade”