Mary Davies, Sun Papers

“There’s no heckler Ray Fogg can’t outsmart, there’s no beer he won’t drink and there’s no way anyone who is less morally uptight than Tipper Gore doesn’t have a good time at his concerts….What attracts people to Fogg’s shows is his ability to write, and better yet ad lib, edgy comical songs and anecdotes perfectly suited to a beer-drinking crowd.”

One of Put-in-Bay’s most popular entertainers…
The Columbus Dispatch

Scene Magazine

Much like Jimmy Buffett, local singer-songwriter Ray Fogg espouses the virtues of living the life of a beach bum. On his latest CD, last year’s Island Life, he takes a slightly more serious approach than what you’ll find on his previous albums. Sure, there are the requisite party tunes (“Shorts, Sandals and Shades,” “Porch Party”) and silly songs about living on the lake (“Fish Are So Stupid”). But then there are tracks like “Lemonade,” a tender tribute to a bartender with a heart of gold. And “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (The Campfire Song)” and “It Pleases Me” are gentle love songs that have more in common with James Taylor than Jack Johnson. Produced by Frank Romano (who’s played with Rob Thomas and Justin Timberlake), the disc shows Fogg’s range, shifting from goofy blues-rockers to sensitive ballads…

Sue Mahoney, Rear Commodore, TSC

“Ray Fogg brought the Toledo Sailing Club out of its winter blues with his own unique style of reminding us of the stupid things we do all summer. He sold out on his first trip to our club and we already have people in line for his next show at TSC! It may also have been a coincidence, but our bar had record sales for a Saturday night in January. A great night to kick off the new year.”

One island is not enough to hold all of Fogg’s talent. – Sandusky Register


Macomb Daily

“Ray Fogg returns…with his wacky blend of music and humor, wrapping songs about boating and drinking around a hilarious stage performance…”


The Detroit News

“Fogg delivers a one-man show of island fun, which has been a popular attraction during summers at Put-in-Bay, a resort island in Lake Erie. He weaves music, comedy and heartfelt songs about island life into an entertaining show.”


SunSeekers Boating Club, Gibraltar, Michigan

“Ray Fogg tells the stories of life on Put-in-Bay. His gift is the humor we find in the telling. In bringing the Ray Fogg Show to the SunSeekers Boating Club for the past few years I have watched many a naysayer to Ray’s talent bent over with laughter while listening to Ray sing his songs. If laughter is the best medicine in these tough times – The Ray Fogg Show is just what the Doctor ordered!”

…gut busting, adult humor… – The Daily Oakland Press

…the ultimate party boy during summers on South Bass Island… – Toledo City Paper

…Ray’s cutting wit keeps his audience in stitches… – Gale Sanzenbacher, Put-in-Bay Gazette

…You put on a great show. I do see though why you go to church. Good job. – Bill Massie, Long-time Put-in-Bay resident

…a hilarious summary of the songs that will make you laugh non-stop at his shows at the Bay or other off season places…Just remember “what goes down on the Island” Ray Fogg will find out about and sing about and make fun of !!! – Posted on amazon.com regarding Ray’s Kiss My Bass CD by Chad and Melissa C.

…this album is performed and recorded well and it is very dear to a lot of us on the North Coast…a great chunk of Americana… – Posted on amazon.com regarding Ray’s Waves CD by Bob G.

I laughed, I cried, I drank, I did the ‘walk of shame. – Posted on Ray’s website by Pat C.

…Ray Fogg masterfully and poetically tells you about the island, its people, and its traditions… – Posted on amazon.com regarding Ray’s Waves CD by Carol L.

A very funny, very entertaining show. – Posted on Ray’s website by Sheila F.

…you will begin to truly appreciate what a talented songwriter Ray Fogg is when you take the time to really listen to the words… – Posted on amazon.com regarding Ray’s Waves CD by Renee R.

…the songs featured are fun and definitely push the limits. Once you really listen to the lyrics, though, you will be in awe of Ray Fogg’s lyrical talents… – Posted on amazon.com regarding Ray’s Kiss My Bass CD by Carol L.